Donnell Karimah

Formally trained as a scientist, Donnell combines his unique background of Biology, Medical Studies and Human Resources, which speaks to his mantra, “healthy people with healthy relationships are healthy employees who build and maintain healthy organizations”.  He has over 22 years of experience in the areas of:

  • Human Resources – Assessment, Design, Development, Implementation of activities and programs in all discipline areas: Staffing, Compensation/Benefits, Employee Development/Training, Employee Relations, Safety.
  • Organizational Development – Change Management, Group Problem Solving, Business Process Redesign, Organizational Structure Reengineering
  • Communications/Marketing/Media Relations – Messaging, Branding and Relationship Management
  • Fund Development – Grants, Charitable Giving and Special Events.
  • Information Technology – Technology and Systems Infrastructure and Implementation.
  • Facilities and Security – Workspace Infrastructure/Planning, Building Maintenance, and Security.
  • Enterprise Risk Management – Risks and Opportunities Management


As an Executive Consultant, Donnell provides top-notch customer service to assist the client to identify and assess needs; develop an appropriate action plan to facilitate the success of employees and the organization.