Meeting, Conference & Event Planning

The Washington Consulting Team’s attention to detail, creativity, interpersonal skills and customer service has contributed to successful implementation of multiple events receiving outstanding results and feedback.

Your team was the glue that made our conference a success this year! I thank you for all the long hours, leadership, professionalism and team work. This was the first year I really enjoyed the business of the conference and it was because I knew you had the details under control. I look forward to our future growth together!

Shelby M. Scales

President & CEO | AMAC

Washington Consulting Team - Event Meeting Planning


The vision was more than fulfilled yesterday. As the lead consultant for the event, you ensured a flawlessly executed ceremony. The planning, logistical preparation, VIP handling, effective collaboration with the steering committee, working with Col Paige on the video production, coordinating congressional participation with Brad Mims, working with the Drohan team, coordinating the activities of others working as subs on the event, etc….was heavy lifting indeed but you more than handled it and you never even broke a sweat!  The only question we are all asking is HOW ARE WE GOING TO TOP THIS NEXT YEAR?? Your transition from senior leadership at the US DOT to the great work (events management, leadership training, agency initiatives) your team does under your company, the Washington Consulting Team, is very much needed in our industry. On behalf of the COMTO Board, know that you have our full support as you continue to grow your firm.

Julie Cunningham



Every time that I say thank you, there is someone else that I need to say thanks. If I could do a group hug right now, it would celebrate the accomplishments that DDOT has made over the last ten years. When Lasharn Hamilton and Linda Washington told me that we needed to do a department-wide training program outside for day, if you could only imagine or pictured my facial expressions. All the work that we do, would our teams appreciate this effort? Lasharn and Linda had to come more that once to win me over. Team, it was a great event and I want to personally thank Lasharn and Linda and the event committee team for all their work. Natalie Jones Best stopped me and just to see the smile on her face and excitement, it was great just to have a day that smiles and stress-free [faces] filled the area.

Terry Bellamy

Director | Office of the Director | District Department of Transportation