Linda J. Washington, President and CEO, built the company based on a deeply held conviction that values drive success, and validate trust.

Our Core Values

Professionalism Integrity/Honesty Service Excellence/Quality Respect Reliability Responsiveness Flexibility Creativity/Innovation


  • Tracey Bessellieu is an executive human capital consultant with over 25 years of experience specializing in people development and engagement. Ms....
    Tracey Bessellieu
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  • Christopher Black has over 20 years of Human Capital consulting experience. His roles as a global Human Resources leader...
    Christopher A. Black
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  • Gary Columbia has more than 35 years of experience managing large groups of diversified staff in a host of...
    Gary Columbia
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  • Toni Dawsey retired in December 2010 after a 32 year Federal career.  Prior to retiring, Ms. Dawsey served for...
    Toni Dawsey
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  • Diane Dean is a lifelong tech enthusiast, learner and information connoisseur who consults, coaches, and trains nonprofit senior and...
    Diane D. Dean
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  • Paula D. Ewen is a retired senior executive with a wealth of experience in leading, coaching, and training individuals or...
    Paula D. Ewen
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  • Marc Hall has served in numerous financial service areas throughout his entire career. Having worked for some of the...
    Marc Hall
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  • Nancy Lee Hutchin applies 38 years of public and private sector expertise to provide leadership in critical initiatives, including...
    Nancy Lee Hutchin
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  • Formally trained as a scientist, Donnell combines his unique background of Biology, Medical Studies and Human Resources, which speaks to his...
    Donnell Karimah
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  • Doris McMillon brings a myriad of exceptional talent and diverse media experience, including influential media training, key message development,...
    Doris McMillon
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  • A dedicated professional with 20 years experience successfully managing various types of projects. Proven ability in managing civil rights...
    Iberia M. Miles
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  • Lisa Noguera is a Senior Human Resources professional with over 14 years of experience and a broad HR portfolio including:...
    Lisa Noguera
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  • Eric C. Peterson is senior level expert in transport policy, project finance, infrastructure development, project management, regulatory affairs, congressional...
    Eric C. Peterson
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  • Reno Rafly has over 8 years of progressive global HR experience in consulting, change management, project management, employee engagement,...
    Reno Rafly
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  • Charlotte Roy is an award-winning writer who has more than 30 years of experience in public relations, community outreach...
    Charlotte Roy
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  • Accomplished senior leader with extensive experience in: Designing and executing learning and human resource strategy Overseeing implementation of policies...
    Julia Santiago, PhD
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  • Shelby Scales is the former President & CEO of the Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC), an organization established nearly...
    Shelby Scales
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  • Brenda C. Siler is a communications/marketing/branding consultant who has worked with national associations and nonprofits.  As a consultant, she...
    Brenda C. Siler
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  • Mr. Speight’s professional background includes extensive experience that integrates finance with project management and business process improvement via the Lean...
    Calvin Speight, Jr.
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Thank you very much for your participation in the WTS “Difficult Conversations” Professional Development Program last month. I have heard only rave reviews about the program and your role. You and Johanna did a terrific job laying the groundwork for honest and productive conversations between participants, and you each offered valuable insight while sharing your experiences and lessons learned. We so appreciate your contribution of time and expertise. As you know, it was a sold out event. I hope we will cross paths again soon. It was pleasure to meet you.

“Thank you for putting together an excellent event. Everyone enjoyed it, from old hands to new employees.”

“Ms. Washington’s recognized extraordinary experience and expertise as a senior strategic leader, for a number of years the Commandant of the distinguished Eisenhower School of National Defense University chose her to serve as one of the Senior Distinguished Leaders that received the students’ briefing for their proposed US National Security Strategy (a two-week exercise culminating the residential curriculum). Ms Washington evaluated and provided recommendations to the students–who were in their mid-forties and proven leaders in the military, government, and industry.”


  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
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    District of Columbia Department of Transportation
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