Nancy Lee Hutchin

Nancy Lee Hutchin applies 38 years of public and private sector expertise to provide leadership in critical initiatives, including sustainability, performance improvement projects, qualitative and quantitative metrics, project management, and information security.  She’s led over 70 projects addressing process reengineering, information support organization assessment, Joint Application Development, and strategic and implementation planning in functional areas ranging from major federal data centers, to acquisition organizations, to non-profit crisis centers including private, local, and federal levels. She’s published 35 articles, and speaks frequently at international conferences.  She was President, Executive Women’s Roundtable, in Washington DC (’05-’06) has received international recognition in juried biographical references (Biographee in 5 Marquise’s Who’s Who: Finance and Industry, American Women, World, Science and Engineering, America) and selected International Woman of the Year (’96–’97) for UK’s Cambridge International Dictionary of Biography.